Productivity tool 1.2

Though Thoughts tracker has helped me stay focused on the tasks at hand, I still realized that my progress on the App development has been slow. So I took some time to learn from what every other successful programmer has been doing and that’s when I stumbled upon this amazing book by John Sonmez – Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual.

Here are the key takeaways to improve your efficiency:

  • You don’t necessarily need to have an exact end goal in mind but you should definitely need to know the approximate end goal – your life purpose – so you can steer your career in that direction.
  • Break down your end goal to a clear short term goal.
  • Now that you know what exactly you want and in order for you to get there faster, you have to be efficient in how to learn faster.
    • Define your goal – what you would like to achieve with the programming language.
    • Do some leg work on all the resources available and pick only the best.
    • Skim through these resources to get a high level overview of the programming language and immediately start playing around with the code.
    • Now that you have  a lot of questions, go back to the resources and only learn 20% of the programming language in detail to achieve your desired goal.
    • Once you learn the 20%, teach the 20% that you learned by writing blogs or teaching students or making presentations at code camps, Tech meetups or posting videos on YouTube.
    • If you are still struggling, it might be due to the lack of understanding of some basics. If this is the case, go back and learn your basics so you will save a lot of time later on.

Out of all these points, teaching is what resonates with me the best. If I had to learn from my past, the only reason I landed a job at eBay is because of teaching SQL Server course to other DBAs which made me an expert in that area. Similarly not using the words I learned still makes me struggle with Vocabulary. From now on as soon as I learn a word, I will find a way to use it in a story and share it on YouTube.


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